Honda Motor Wear

Honda Motor Wear

Here are some Honda Engines which comes though work We will try and showcase some of the problems which they can get to and details how to improve it . Most of these engines are from race car which they get a lot more usage or wear age and a lot more aggressive treatment on them. Take a look and see how we can make them better or recondition our engines

K20a Oil Pump

Here is another case study which we want to show case~
( Stock K20a Type R Oil Pump )
After a lot of wear age under racing and big hours on the motor, even with the best oil, wear cant be avoid 
This oil pump has been in a race car for few years now, with a oil pressure gauge fitted to the car, we picked up the pump / pressure does not run within spec - 
There are no oil cooler fitted as well and oil temp does gets

Hard to get a good pic of it but you can see clearly there is mark or where is worn which caused the oil pressure to drop
a Normal Pump Surface should be smooth


Stock oil pump gear, check out the wear


Bottomend Bearing Inspection

Here is a K20 Type Engine for a rebuild after 3 seasons of racing and track day
Running no oil cooler


The top Bearing of the crank are normally better then the bottom, due to the fact of gravity and the cranks sits ontop the top bearing has less wear plus the extra grove helps oiling better


Here is the bottom gridle 
as you can see the wear age of the bottom bearing a lot more worst then the top bearing


This is no.2 journal 
One of the worst bearing out of all 
We are guessing there is a chance of leak of oil in that journal due to hard cornering especially most tracks here all the faster long corners are right hander, there was chance it nearly ran dry~ at one point

Cylinder Inspection - Valve Seat
We are currently reconditioning one of the K Series Head
Before we get too carry away
Think it was a good time to show what valve seats and lapping means~
This is a head which has done 40k 
Consider the wear is actually not to bad
As you can see the valve seats has 3 different angle
We still go thu on the old school way, re lapping valve by hands and cutting the seats
Machine cut is better but is no point if we are running stock valves and nothing wrong with the seat
a Closer picture now of the valve seats
- Note: as the valves travel up and down the valve actually spins, the wear and pitch that cause on the seats can cause by dirt and particle hitting the seat which cause way
car with poor air filter or running itbs , the chance of wearing out the seats is a lot more which looses compression at time