Honda - RefreshTreatment

Honda - Refresh Treatment

Keeping older generation Honda's is not really an art.
You have to admit the facts, the EGs EKs DC2s are only getting older but not younger.
To keep them update to date, good as new or still drives like brand new car, there are few things to keep an eye apart from just the usual servicing.

Below are some guide lines, pin points, how to deal with the problems and what you need to look out for

1. Suspension
Things to look out for are:
- Leaky Shocks- Suspension arm bush starting to crack- Common Trailing arm bush cranking


2. Mounts
Common problems - Crack Rear Engine mounts- Crank at the two support mounts at the front


3. Oil Leaks- Sump gasket- Crank seals Front and Rear main- VTEC Solenoid Gasket- Cam end plug- blow by tank O ring- Plug and rocker cover gasket


4. Cooling- Crack Radiator Top Tanks- Radiator hose - gone harden, cracks or burst- Water pump seal leaking- old radiator coolant with wrong coolant mixture  causing rust in the cooling system



5. Belts
- Old / Crack Drive Belts- Old cambelt - hasn't been changed


6. Ignition- crack Leads- Faulty Distributor - Coil, Ignitor, Cap, Rotor


7. Fuel
- Dirty old Fuel Filter- Fuel Pump filter bag- Rusty Fuel tanks - Internally 


8. Driveline

- CV Boots - Make sure is not cracked

- CV Joints - Best to run Honda OEM Parts as well as servicing the joints after track day and racing. Grease pretty much turns to oil when the car is under heavy braking which generates a lot of heat; the CV Joint grease will get boil and the Ball bearing inside the joints gets cooked and start digging into the CV Cup.