Running E85

Running E85 or Flex Fuel


Just want to make a note about "Flex Fuel"
A lot of people is abit misleading when they say, my car will be on flex fuel but they are actually running full time E85


Flex fuel means :
The vehicle can run alternative fuel and tune to run on more than one fuel, usually gasoline blended with either ethanol. Ie 98 with E85 Mix in the Tank.

There is nothing fancy about it, if your car is on E85, Yes it will make more power but we are using the sensor to monitor or to determine the Ethanol Content, as the content drops, the ECU "should" be reducing timing at the same time reducing fuel; power will also reduce/ decrease.

Yes it is a good idea for road cars to have flex fuel function or tune to suit different content of fuel or back to pump gas.
This way if your cant get E85 you can run 95 or 98 to get you going without flooding the motor or worst causing damage.

We recommend to use this gauge to monitor the Fuel Content to ensure the it is close to E85 which it will handle the more aggressive ignition timing and motor will be in tune. With the gauge unit it's easier to see without brining out the laptop or having a dash display.

In this case the LSM EVO Runs a blend of Ethanol. or E20 - ( Not fully E85 ) , so with the unit fitted, we can now see if the ethanol content in the fuel is close to E20 which is what the car is tune to. IF the content is not close, we can add either 98 back in on ethanol to get closer to our target number..

Hope this make sense and clarify few things.
The word "Flex Fuel" does not make your car go faster !

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