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Standard Metal LSD
Maximum Differential Lock Performance That Wins Races
     <For Track days, Road Race, Drag Racing, & Autocross>
In the racing world where winning is everything, excellence without compromise is required for all components. The differential is certainly not an exception to this requirement when it comes to part selection and setup. Performance and reliability are paramount in the single-minded pursuit of victory. The ATS LSD supports this requirement in many ways, with its high quality and high performance based on considerable race data accumulated over many years. ATS LSD is for drivers who demand the outstanding features and the powerful locking performance of a metal LSD. Their focus on quality will steer them directly to victory.
Principal characteristics of the metal LSD
* Uses a non-grinding clutch plate that features high lubrication performance and tough surface hardness
* Equipped with a maximum-diameter clutch plate that enhances locking performance
* Stabilizes accelerating response by applying the appropriate initial torque
* Quick transitional characteristics from free rotation to lock - indispensable for drag racing & drifting