FULL RACE - AWD R14 Conversion Kit: Skyline GTR RB26 -> S14 200SX Swap

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This kit includes all the major components needed to convert a Nissan S14 to AWD RB26. For more information, please email sales@full-race.com

Kit comes with the following: R14 Stage 2 Kit

  • -Driver/Passenger Side Frame Rail Set
  • -Transmission Mount
  • -Transmission Mount Bracket
  • -Passenger/Driver FUCAS Set
  • -Front/Rear Shocks
  • -Front/Rear Springs
  • -Shock Mounts
  • -Aluminum Drive Shaft

You will need to provide the complete drivetrain components (engine, transmission, transfer case, differentials and front half-shafts.) ***Does Not Work In S13*** ***Does Not Include Z33 non Turbo Steering Rack***