Exedy Sports Organic Clutch Kit – Honda B Cable YS1

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Exedy Sports Organic Clutch Kit – Honda B Cable YS1

EXEDY racing clutches are fitted with premium organic friction materials and are resistant to slippage and burst. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to handle modified engines. This is the preferred clutch for street and light horsepower track use.

The drivability will be similar to a regular clutch, however drivers may experience increased pedal effort, slight shudder and increased cabin noise due to the performance characteristics of the clutch. All of our clutch discs have high capacity sprung centre dampers to reduce the drivetrain shock and impact.

  • Clutch Plate
  • Pressure Plate
  • Release Bearing
  • Diameter: 220mm
  • Spline OD: 26.00mm
  • No of Teeth: 24
Exedy Sports Organic clutch kits are perfect for boosted applications being used in lower stress environments and N/A circuit applications where less harsh driveline.