Radium Fuel Surge Tank Install Kit, EVO VIII / IX

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This comprehensive installation kit includes everything needed to install a Radium fuel surge tank with a single 39mm fuel pump or a Bosch 044 fuel pump in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII / IX. More FST information can be found HERE. The kit was not designed to work with the Radium MPFST.
Here is a informative video on how a Radium Fuel Surge Tank (FST) works:
All Radium FSTs are CNC machined from aluminum. They are fully anodized and use PTFE insulated wiring, submersible hose, etc. to make them alcohol (ethanol/methanol/E85) compliant. The Mitsubishi Evolution VIII / IX install kit locates the FST in a collision-safe area of the trunk, centered behind the rear seat (shown below without carpet installed).
This allows for the majority of the trunk space to still be useable. The aluminum bracket solidly mounts to the V-brace in front of the rear seat carpet cover in the trunk. The FST with black anodized bracket is isolated through the OEM carpet cover (shown below) to reduce fuel pump noise and vibration.
Also included are wiring components with flying leads featuring Raychem solderless butt splices, and a weatherproof fuse and relay to drive the FST's fuel pump. Wiring is very simple and takes less than 30 minutes to assemble. No soldering is required. 
Included are 4 PTFE hoses which are cut to length and preassembled. Supplied in -6AN size only.
EVO VIII / IX FST Install Kit Features:
-Preassembled 3/8" (-6AN) PTFE Hoses 
-Aluminum Mounting Brackets
-AN and OEM Style Adapter Fittings
-Stainless Steel Hardware 
-Barricade Hose, non-permeating 
-Wiring Components with Relay and Fuse
-Solderless Heat Shrink Connectors 
If a Radium Engineering dual internal pump FST is required, this can be achieved. However, the plumbing and electrical in this kit was designed for 1 pump. Simply choose a FST with dual pumps HERE to use with this EVO install kit. Also pickup a DIY harness HERE as well for the electrical required to drive the second FST pump. Lastly, you will need to plumb a second hose from the FST to the fuel rail. These PTFE hoses HERE can be helpful. 
If a Radium FST-R is required, this can be achieved. However, the plumbing in this kit was designed to reuse the OEM Mitsubishi FPR. One of the hoses in this kit will not be used and the OEM 1/4" rubber FPR return hose will need to be either removed, drained, or plugged. Furthermore, the FPR vacuum hose will need to be extended to the trunk.
Neither of the two scenarios above are covered in depth in the instruction manual. Contact Radium for more details.
Lastly, due to the restrictive return port on the OEM fuel pump housing, a slightly higher static fuel pressure is normal when using a high flow pump. To alleviate this issue, the OEM fuel pump housing return port can be modified (enlarged) to alleviate the restriction and promote fuel flow back into the OEM fuel tank. This is noted in the instruction manual.