K-Tuned 90mm Billet Race Throttle Body

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K-Tuned 90mm Race Billet Throttle Body

Big bore domestic throttle bodies have been making their way onto import engines for several years now and it is no secret that getting some of them working properly can be a painful experience. We saw the problems, so we designed our K-Tuned 90mm Billet Throttle Body and packed it with several useful features that will easily set them apart from the rest. We started by making 5 interchangeable o-ring sealed inlets to match the most popular installs. The throttle body comes with a standard 90mm hose barb inlet, but optional V-band or Vanjen (Wiggins style) inlets are available separately in both 3.5″ or 4″ sizes. Connecting a throttle cable also presented some challenges, which are now a thing of the past thanks to our fully adjustable throttle rotor with 10 settings and the reversible throttle cable bracket. For the TPS sensor, you can select the initial unit with a K or B TPS sensor, but you’ll also have the ability to switch it later if needed using our K-Tuned TPS Adapter Kits.

K-Tuned Race throttle bodies do not include IACV or MAP sensor provision.

Ideally suited for use with Skunk2 Ultra Race manifolds.

All K-Tuned Throttle Bodies are constructed with 6061 billet aluminium with a brass throttle blade and a stainless steel, center-less ground, throttle shaft that is leak tested to 90psi. They are also 100% North American made as are all the raw materials.