Karcept - Acuity Hall Effect TPS

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Seasoned mechanics and gear heads know that more often than not, OEM replacement parts are more reliable than aftermarket parts. Unfortunately, anyone who has searched for an OEM replacement throttle position sensor (TPS) knows that Honda/Acura only sells them as part of the throttle body with a steep list price of over $800 USD. Aftermarket alternatives have existed for years, but all that was available until now were poorly made copies and expensive adapted versions of other sensors. That's why ACUITY designed a replacement TPS from scratch. Instead of using the OEM wiper-style design, we used modern hall effect technology to provide improved reliability and accuracy. 
Tested to over 2 million cycles, every design element in the ACUITY TPS was chosen to provide an improvement over the OEM design. It's no coincidence that the ACUITY TPS looks a bit different than its OEM counterpart, that's because it is. The hall effect technology used provides a contactless design that reduces wear and tear while offering a smaller form factor and reduced weight.
Contactless Hall-Effect technology provides increased precision and reliability over wiper-style designs
Integral o-ring seal replaces the low-quality OEM style paper gasket.
Extended calibration range ensures each sensor can be calibrated exactly within the OEM range
Fiber-reinforced composite housing is more durable than OEM sensors
Durable, rolled connector pins will not become damaged during installation like many aftermarket alternatives
Decreased weight and size compared to OEM
Available for 2002-2006 Acura RSX-S, 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si, 2007-2012 Honda CBR 600 RR/RA, and 2007-2012 Honda CBR 1000 RR/RA