Radium Fuel Rail, Honda S2000 (00-05)

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This big bore fuel rail features a large 0.69" diameter internal bore with 3/4"-16 female threads (-8AN O-ring port) at each end to accept a variety of adapter fittings for custom high flow fuel system builds. This is the largest S2000 fuel rail bore on the market that uses all 5 crucial OEM mounting bosses. The fuel rail is machined, anodized, and laser etched for a high quality surface finish. It is compatible with all fuel types including popular alcohol mixtures such as E85. 
It is directly compatible with the 2004-2005 (AP2) OEM fuel feed banjo hose. However, if the OEM banjo hose will be reused on the 2000-2003 (AP1) S2000, Honda P/N: 16623-PCX-003 must be purchased. This is a Joint, Fuel Flange found on the AP2 fuel rail (shown below) that prevents the banjo from spinning while the bolt is torqued. Also, note the restrictive 0.21" (5.3mm) orifice of the OEM banjo flange. This fuel rail was not designed for the 06-09 Honda S2000.
Alternatively, a block-off plate with stainless steel hardware and O-ring (shown below) is included if the OEM hose is to be replaced with a high flow hose.
This kit eliminates the OEM fuel rail cover and also replaces the air pump system hard tubes with vacuum hose for a cleaner appearance. 
20-0091-02 Fuel Rail Kit, S2000, 2000-2005 
This setup is great if the OEM banjo fuel feed line is going to be reused. It just requires three -8AN ORB Fittings (of your choise) for the front rear and top ports. Consider a gauge and/or a pulse damper, described below. Replacement vacuum tubing is included to simplify and eliminate the hard lines.  
-Billet anodized aluminum fuel rail
-Banjo block-off plate w/ O-ring
-Vacuum tubing
-Stainless steel hardware 
20-0091-01 Fuel Rail Kit, S2000, 2000-2005, PTFE Hose Included
This option includes everything from the 20-0091-02 fuel rail kit with the addition of a -6AN PTFE hose connection to replace the restrictive OEM banjo fitting. Also included are fittings for all 3 ports as well as a special inverted flare adapter fitting that connects to the OEM hard line near the firewall. The 23" high quality PTFE hose is compatible with E85, ethanol, alcohol, gasoline, etc. The included billet block-off plate will be used to cap the stock banjo feed port. Nothing else is required for this kit.
The Radium gauge option 20-0075 comes with the gauge and the 1/8" NPT adapter fitting (shown below in green) which can be used on the front or top port of the fuel rail. Alternatively, a Radium fuel pulse damper can be used. 
The Radium fuel rail is compatible with the OEM fuel pressure regulator. Alternatively, if a remote mounted regulator is used, the FPR port can be plugged with an 1/8" NPT plug and the Radium gauge (shown below) can be installed in its place. 
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