Zt-2 Wideband Datalogging System

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The Award Winning Zt-2 Model 2010 Wideband Datalogging System

The Zeitronix Wideband Air/Fuel ratio meter and datalogging system is a high quality, stand-alone system for use with carbureted and electronic fuel injection engines. Zt-2 Wideband Kits provide the best bang for your buck delivering unmatched quality, features and capabilities for very reasonable prices. System provides the accuracy of a Dyno Air/Fuel reading right in your vehicle as well as multiple engine parameters.

Base system is very easy to install and retails at $549 NZD which includes the wideband oxygen sensor, controller, wiring hardware, and the software required to start datalogging and tuning immediately.

Supports Air/Fuel ratio as AFR/Lambda, plus RPM, Vacuum, Boost, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Throttle Position, 0-5 volt sensors, Air/Fluid temperature sensors and Oil/Fuel pressure sensors. Tune fuel injected and carbureted engines.

Very simple installation - connect two wires to +12V and ground and place the O2 sensor in the exhaust stream and you are ready to read AFR! A simple LED indicator displays off, warm-up and running modes.